Cardiovascular Research Lab UCSF

Design-build fuel oil systems with two underground tanks beneath the loading dock installed with a uniquely engineered submersible pumping system serving generators on the roof of a six story research laboratory. The design eliminated the need for a complex primary/secondary pumping system.

Apple Computer

Design-build fuel oil project built with 80,000 gallons aboveground, fully redundant controls and pumping with no single point of failure. Design includes a foam fire protection system and distributed fuel cleaning.

MD Anderson Hurricane Resistant Data Center

Design-assist fuel oil project completed with fully redundant 20,000 gallon tanks, fully redundant controls and no single point of failure. First floor of data center is on third level.

Data Center

Design-build fuel oil project built with more than 25 generators and more than 400,000 gallons of diesel fuel. Project designed so that any one of the supply transfer pumps could support the entire connected load.

Stanford Modular Steam Plant and Lucille Packard Hospital Generators

Plan and specification fuel oil system built to furnish fuel to the modular steam plant for Hospital heat and for the LPCH generators. This project is unique in the application of a factory built modular steam plant that was built in an Arizona factory and re-assembled at the Stanford site. Fuel Oil Systems was hired […]

Design-build fuel oil system built to furnish Amber diesel fuel to boilers and a generator.  This project is a keystone of the University’s 25 year energy plan which includes heat recovery chillers with several multi million gallon chilled water storage tanks and changing all campus heat to hot water from steam.

Van Ness and Geary Hospital

This 16 story OSHPD hospital is a fully BIM modeled, design-build fuel oil project to be completed in 2018. Diesel fuel is pumped from six protected class tanks in the basement to the three generators on level 13 and four boilers on level 12. A network of FOS brand PLC controllers is applied to simplify […]