About Fuel Oil Systems

Fuel Oil Systems was incorporated in 2000 when we discovered a need within the construction industry for a turn-key installer of fuel oil systems. Prior to this time, most fuel projects were amalgams of multiple contractors trying to independently build their assigned piece of an often complex system. The uncoordinated nature of this approach resulted in finger pointing and poor performance. Fuel Oil Systems was created to provide a single focal point responsible for design and construction of the fuel system.

The company flourished with the changes brought forth by AB 2481 as the entire industry learned a new way to build underground storage tank systems.

With the completion last year of our 500th installed system, we have become a service driven company with 3 primary business units: Service, Consulting and Construction.

Our Core Values are Caring, Craft and Cause

Caring means we have the customer’s best interests at heart. We work selflessly to help customers achieve their objectives.

Craft is practical wisdom. Our employees bring their extensive experiences to bear for our customers. We add value through application of our collective practical wisdom.

Our Cause is to solve fuel oil problems – the more difficult the better. Whether it is a customized pumping system, special controls and safeties, custom fabrication or esoteric anti-siphon techniques, we are the go to company.

“In less than a day of work, your technician was able to pinpoint and correct an issue we were chasing for a long time. From first contact, your team was responsive, knowledgeable, and willing to help us get through a tough situation. Fuel Oil Systems will be my first choice in any future projects.” Jeremy Bartle, Project Manager, DPR Construction